Welcome to the Angels of Darkness (Wolf Rp) WikiEdit

Angels they are good ,right? Well not these ones. These angel wolves have been cursed by an evil wolf. The evil wolf goes around taking souls that are dead and curses them. one day you see a female wolf and she says "Hello im shay im the sister of the evil wolf, m sister is evil she was born with a curse and we must get it out of her so we can restore peace" you follow her and she brings you to her pack and you join her pack.

Rules for my wikiEdit

Hi welcome to my wiki. I wolud like you to have some fun , with fun there is rules Swearing or i will ban you.\ occ fighting

3. no killing over ranks and no killing without permission.

4. must rp on rp blog. loners

6. have fun

7.listen to me

8. follow all rules or i ban you.

9.use good gammar